Legal Bit

In the United Kingdom, the Law is very strict and clear about what can and cannot be allowed when operating our vehicles on the Public Highway. Because of this, we take every precaution to operate within the confines of the Law, yet without impeding the enjoyment and fulfilment of your experience with us.

We will always endeavour to do our best to accommodate your requirements, as long as it does not break any road safety or highway agency laws.

Public Health And Safety

We are happy to provide photo opportunities with our cars and our authentic police re-enactors, who wear authentic ex-American police uniforms. All "Kit" is ex-American police uniforms, however certain items may have been changed for legal or health and safety reasons.

We are happy when providing photo opportunities for you to pose as if we are arresting (handcuffing) the perpetrator, however, in the interest of Public Health and Safety, this is for show and we are not in fact physically securing anyone with our handcuffs.


The same goes for our imitation firearms. These are only brought out at certain events, where we have contacted and pre-informed the relevant local Police Force, Police Trojan Unit and Counter-Terrorism Unit of our presence. 

All our imitation firearms are used under strict Home Office guidelines which we adhere to, so we do not break the law. We always have at least one of our "Armoury Officers" in attendance, who checks through all our imitation firearms to make sure they are either decommissioned, unable to fire and safe within the public environment.

(for example: at comic conventions, car shows and events) 

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