Our Support Vehicle team at McLaren with several young children and teenager with incurable illness.

#MakeItSpecial Campaign

What Is #MakeItSpecial Campaign?

#MakeItSpecial Campaign has been set up to help children,teens and adults whom suffer from terminal illness, to have a chance at having a special day before they leave their loved ones. We also wish to use #MakeItSpecial to bring awareness to the masses about such illnesses and to help look for cures.

Loosing a child is devastating, to parents, families and loved ones.

This is why we want you to join us in making a difference.

We are raising funds to help make these special days as special as possible, so every penny counts. We know that people may not be able to donate much, however like we said "Every Penny Counts", so even if you can only spare a couple of pennies, we and these families really appreciate it.

Thank you in advance for your contribution, You are a STAR 

Please Donate What You Can To Help Support #MakeItSpecial

Please follow the link below to Donate what you can to our Go Fund Me page. Every Penny Counts.