Sharon - Son's 5 Year Old Birthday Party - July 2017

"Hiya there was nothing you could have done better you was fab, kids loved it and all the parents gave great feed back on how well it went x"

Steve - District 14 Events - Hull Comic Con Aug 2017

Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for providing the car at the weekend. It was fantastic and went down really well. The guy looking after it was fantastic and I’ve seen so many great photos and happy people talking about it on Facebook.   Looking forward to seeing it again in Bridlington!  

Steve - District 14 Events - Bridlington Comic Con Aug 2017

It went really well thanks and the car was awesome! You were absolutely brilliant with all the attendees and letting us raffle off a ride as a charity raffle prize. We will be wanting you back at our next years events. 

Buster Lang American Car Show - Surrey Aug 2017

It was so great having you with us, the Cars looked great. The interaction with the public was amazing and we loved the take downs. Very Professional. Thank you

Start A Heart Family Fun Day - Rotherham Aug 2017

The kids and adults loved the car and it got a lot of attention, we will be changing things up at the next event so the car will be more prominent as discussed, thank you for saying you'll arranging more American cars to come.

Local Heroes Charity Event - Embsay Railway Station, Skipton Aug 2017

Thank you for coming, it was a great day and we loved the cars. We will be wanting you to come back to next years event. we loved the fact you did a raffle for a ride a long in the cars and also helped collect for our charity. Thank you once again.

Feel The Force Day - Peterborough Sept 2017

It was great having you here, we really enjoyed having you with us, and seeing you with the disabled children and adults and letting them sit in your car and use the lights was brilliant. Even your knowledge of autistic children not liking loud noises, and you taking the initiative to ask all the police car owner to not put their sirens on. Thank you so much.

The Hostage Movie - Leeds Oct 2017

It was great having you guys on board and playing some major roles. Thanks you your input on SWAT and Police Tactics. It was invaluable.

Cosplay Charity Fun Day - Nov 2017

Thank you for coming on the day with your police car, it meant a lot to us, especially posing for the photos and with the event planning.

Mayor Of London New Year Day Parade (LNYDP18) - January 2018

Thank you for coming to LNYDP2018, It was great seeing your car there supporting us. Here's to next years

Mr Petkus Surprise Birthday Ride-A-Long - February 2018

He loved the car so much as he is such a petrol head. He wasn't sure what was happening when two large officers came to the door after turning up with the lights and siren on. He loved the idea of being arrested and loved the fact you gave him his wanted poster. What an amazing service, and such polite officers too. Thank you for making his special day even more special.

Pendle Power Fest Car Motor Show - May 2018

5 Star Service, everyone loved the car and so many people commented on how polite and courteous you are. Thank you for being able to come.

Porter Croft Charity Fun Day - June 2018

Thank you for coming today, everyone loved the car and the uniform. It was great you could offer time to come and support us.

Buearpair Camera Club June 2018

Thank you for coming today, here are a few photos from Heage Windmill of a couple of our members from Buearpair Camera Club getting arrested. Thank you it was quite funny we enjoyed it. Katie

Waller Wedding - June 2018

Thank you so much for making their special day even more special, your service is 5 Star Rated. Very Professional. The happy couple loved the gift your team loving made for them and the flowers where truly beautiful. The sentiment and the thought behind the colour of the flowers were so lovely. You've put a lot of thought and effort to make such a lovely day even better. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts 

Prom "Sarah's Son & friends" - June 2018

Thank you ever so much for tonight for giving your extra time up to make sure the lads had a good time with the police car. It meant a lot to us

Prom "Jamie" -July 2018

Thank you for your services yesturday. It was absolutely awesome everyone at the prom came and asked me about it. I've loved it and the car and your outfit really made the evening. I will definitely be using the service again. Thank you so much, Jamie