Video, Publicity, Film and Media

As the media, action film industry and advertising marketing world around us increases year on year. Those within the industry are looking for new and unique ways to captivate their audiences. Whether you're a multi-million pound film or video game production company, small studio, film student or YouTube Vlogger, there seems to be new movies being released every month with amazing scenes, like all action, edge of the seat car chases, between cops and robbers or heroes and villains.

This is were we come in at for all your filming needs. We offer a friendly, professional service, supplying one or more Genuine American Police Vehicles with Genuine American Police and S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons And Tactics) Uniformed Officers. All Our 'Kit' (Vehicles, Uniforms and Equipment) are ex-American Police Kit, which has seen action on the front line and been worn and used by American Police Officers. We pride ourselves on keeping all our kit in full working order. To see us in action, check out our involvement videos below.

Some Of Our Involvement

CapCon Resident Evil 6 "No Hope Left" Game Release Oct 2012. Our S.W.A.T. Team (Zombie Contagion Rapid Response Unit (Z.C.R.R.U)) was used in the filming of this trailer.

BRIGHT Movie by Netflix December 2017. From the Director of 'Suicide Squad', 'Fury' and 'End Of Watch'. Starring  Will Smith And Joel Edgerton

Being able to be part of BRIGHT by Netflix was a great honour. Meeting the Actors and allowing them inside our car made their day.

You can see BRIGHT on Netflix now

Supremecoat Television Advert Feb 2018

We were asked to be part of the Supremecoat Television Advert, advertising the new coating for cars which has a 10 year guarantee. You can find out more at 

A short hostage film we took part in and advised on Police roles, weapons and tactics 

Feel The Force Days is one of the charities we support, which works and supports children and adults with physical and mental learning conditions in the U.K.

Lord Mayor of Barnsley Parade 2013 ~ Winner of 'Outstanding Contribution to the Parade 2013'.  Our Re-Enactors were the deciding factor for the Judges.

We attended and took tribute to Malcolm Gibbs (Funeral Of Malcolm Gibbs 10th Aug 1947 to 6th April 2018), A beloved friend in the American Car Industry in the United Kingdom. Will be sadly missed.

Showmasters Sheffield Film And Comic Con 2014. Our SWAT and Resident Evil Stage Show

We get to have some fun every now and again

Some Of Our Officers and Zombie Contagion Rapid Response Unit (Z.C.R.R.U.) took part in a "How to kill and removal of an infected person - Zombie" at Doncaster Dome. Thanks to Alfie Films for the Video and The Novare Alliance for asking us to take part.

One of our Team (as Surge The Simian in SWAT Kit, from Planet Of The Apes) was asked to partake in a music video for Stoke Con Trent 2015